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“It could change your life!”

As a recently retired couple, we have been looking for new adventures. I tagged along with my wife to look at the Exhale Academy in Erin.  I have enjoyed many sports as a sometimes athlete, and have a few injuries as a result.

After a few awkward classes (I’m the only guy!) I started to relax and put my Yoga practice in the hands of the awesome instructors.  Just to be clear - I’m not the least bit flexible.  Every aspect is outside my comfort zone.  And, when its all put together - with soothing music, energetic poses, calming aromas, and the guidance and support of an instructor - it works!  My lower back has been stretched and worked.  Slowly, I’m noticing an improvement in my movements.  It’s more than just the physical aspect - much more.  I am encouraged to wipe all thoughts from my mind.  I’m encouraged to love myself, and find peace.  It’s going to take me a long, long time to fully engage, and that adds to the attraction of Yoga.

Yoga seems to have an almost infinite set of possibilities. The Exhale Academy offers the conditions to explore and exploit this awesome (and new for me) way of life.  

My High School motto “a sound mind in a sound body” is a good way for me to explain Yoga.  

I recommend This studio highly, and that includes the gents.  Please, help a dude out and join!! 

It could change your life.

Brian Gordon.

“feel your shoulders relax”

I just love this place! From the moment that you enter you feel your shoulders relax and a smile hit your face as you are greeted by Vanessa and her wonderful welcoming. Then to studio 1 where you are bathed in light, or, studio 2 that feels like your favourite nest with books of insight inspiring your movements. Then the instructors, each and every one of them has something brilliant to offer. I also love that the classes are smaller because it makes the whole experience so much deeper.

If you are looking for a little piece of zen in your life, Exhale Academy offers it to you.




beautiful yoga space

Beautiful yoga space, I had a great experience here and can't wait to go back!

Julia Grys


“such a great addition

to our town”

I just LOVE this place!!! Doing yoga with Sally, she is amazing, it's a small fun class, would highly recommend it!
It is such a great addition to our town in so many ways, please check it out :)

Mary Jo Vanderlinden


“Best yoga studio around!”

The best yoga studio around! So many classes to choose from with fabulous instructors! I LOVE this place!

Kelli Ross


“Great Class”

Great class. Awesome workout would take another class with Amy!



“added reiki relaxes me”

Christine is knowledgeable and the added reiki relaxes me prepares me for the next day !


“love this class!”

Absolutely love this class. Ami is so welcoming and challenges us each week while creating an environment where we feel comfortable and can take risks.



“perfect balance!”

My favorite class. perfect balance between effort and relaxation.