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Weekly Schedule of Yoga & Movement Classes

Feel the benefits of moving your body in a way that creates ultimate strength, health and healing.

We offer an assortment of classes from different lineages of yoga, to therapeutic yoga, to other styles of movement that increase body awareness and/or promote healing through the chakras, meridians, core strength, back strength or muscle development. We also offer regular meditation classes.

academy Reiki infused yin

Release tension and stress held in the body with this beautiful class. Stretch, twist and turn your body in a series of gentle flowing poses and then release all tension and relax in postures held for longer durations to build heat in the muscles. Your Reiki Master Yoga Instructor will infuse the space with positive energy and visualization instruction for you to run energy in your body with your breath. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely.  

exhale gentle flow with thai massage touch

This class will begin with a slow flow to warm up the body, focusing on breathing and gentle movements. Then we will rest in various restorative poses, follow with some relaxing and soothing Thai massage touch. You will find yourself totally relaxed and grounded after the class. Thai yoga massage is an ancient and dynamic bodywork therapy with 2,500 years of history. You will be guided through a series of yoga postures, while being gently stretched and massaged along the body’s energy lines (sen lines) and pressure points.

exhale classic hatha flow

This class is based on flow, movement, breath, and core strength, aiming to build the awareness between our breath and movement. By focusing on our breath, we connect with our bodies and our movement. We will gently develop our strength while increasing flexibility. We will learn classic Hatha postures with the use of props and modification. Pranayama (breathing exercise) will also be introduced throughout the practice. This is a class open to all levels of practice

Exhale Yoga For Stress Management

This is a slow flow class designed for individuals dealing with chronic stress. We specifically explore the mind-body relationship with techniques that will balance the nervous system, bring about deep relaxation and regulate the mind and emotions. Move gracefully between yoga postures, breath work and meditative practices.

This class is designed for all levels and ideal for individuals experiencing not only stress but strong emotions, the blues, depression or anxiety. There are specific asana (postures) that will be held with a firm but relaxed style that enables your body to process feelings and emotions resulting in decreased intensity.


This 4 part series workshop will introduce you to the gentle Feldenkrais method with two “Awareness Through Movement” lessons. Lying on your back or side, you will be guided through a sequence of movements that will allow you to begin moving with more ease and less effort in your everyday activities.

Anyone with limited mobility or pain issues is encouraged to contact our instructor prior to the workshop. All fitness levels are welcome. Please bring a yoga or exercise mat if you have one. 

Academy Healing Through Expressive Movement

Our body is truly incredible. There is so much information held in the muscles and cells, just waiting to be expressed and processed. Healing Expressive Movement is a class of deep inquiry into our own nervous system. It is a beautiful movement class where you will dive into asking your body questions and then practise moving in ways that allow for deep self-expression. This class has a dance-like quality to it but goes much deeper into the mysteries of the body.These classes uniquely allow you to process the issues in your tissues. You will leave feeling warm, lighter, refreshed and relaxed.

Exhale Classic Flow

This is a strengthening class that will develop your muscles while attuning your alignment. You will move fluidly through postures that challenge your body and bring acute awareness to how each muscle and the fascia connect throughout your body. You will break a sweat in this class so be prepared to move and flow in a way that will limber and strengthen your body.

Academy Find Your Peace Meditation

With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many people feel stressed and over-worked. It can even affect our health. We are often so busy we feel there is no time to stop and meditate! But meditation actually gives you more time by making your mind calmer and more focused. It can help you to overcome your stress and find some inner peace and balance.

Meditation can also help us to understand our own mind. We can learn how to transform our mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy. Overcoming negative minds and cultivating constructive thoughts is the purpose of the transforming meditations found in the Buddhist tradition. This is a profound practice you can enjoy throughout the day, not just while seated in meditation.

Exhale Yin & Yoga Nidra

Yin Yoga is a beautiful slow flow class where you hold poses for an extended duration of time, building heat in the muscles enabling lengthening and strengthening. This class is coupled with a beautiful Yoga Nidra, a wonderful way to have a deep meditative experience that opens you to transformation and induces a relaxed state such that sleep is welcomed. This is a 90 (ninety) minute class.

Academy Power Core Flow, aka, JOGA

A strong core creates ultimate strength and centredness and protects your back. Due to the focus on core work you automatically correct alignment and improve overall body strength.

Also, for those women who have given birth it can be hard to believe that we can get our full strength back and lose the sagging and remaining belly. But we can! This class is remarkable.

Why the name JOGA? This is a specific discipline of yoga combined with the science and biomechanics of sport. It is designed to provide the benefits of a yoga practise while keeping in mind that your muscles may be tighter and the JOGA poses are conscious of not forcing the muscles. For the athletes this class will Change your Game and Earn your Edge. Each JOGA session transforms weaknesses into strengths, keeps you agile not fragile, helps you sleep not stress. 

academy back mechanics

Back Mechanics is a unique class designed for people who want to strengthen their back or for those already experiencing pain. a rehabilitative back stability strength and conditioning class- motivated by his own battle with sciatica, back issues, and the desire to help others in a healing and preventative manner.

Exhale Stress Free Seniors

This class is ideal for anyone new to yoga, and/or who has physical limitations from joint replacements, injury or arthritis. Move gracefully between yoga postures, breath work and meditative practices to improve physical dexterity, balance the nervous system and bring about deep relaxation. All poses can be done from a chair.

Academy Present Moment Awareness Meditation

Developing the skill to focus on the moment require diligent practise. With practise we develop the ability to stay aware of our cognitions thus enabling conscious decision making.

Exhale Energizing Meditation

We could suggest that many forms of yoga are energizing meditations as Yoga is movement meditation, much like QiGong is. In this meditation class we are specifically using breath practices to develop the yang/masculine strength energy within ourselves. Knowing this type of breathwork is great if you air on the side of lacking energy, depression or you are an athlete looking for an extra boost.

academy sculpt & strengthen

This is an intermediate to advanced level class aimed at strengthening and sculpting your body. Challenge your stability and balance as you move through each pose. If you are looking for a stronger mid-level workout this is your class!

academy qigong

QiGong is a 4000 year old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine centred around movement, breathing techniques and meditation, to improve the flow of Qi (energy) through the body's meridian lines. The benefits on health include reducing stress, muscle and joint pains, improve sleep, mental focus and clarity and strengthening of the immune system. QiGong is also commonly practiced in China and around the world by cancer patients. It is a safe practice for all age ranges and physical abilities. 

Academy CORE: Focus & Flow

Core: Focus and Flow encourages you to move with ease and inner attunement in your practice of core mat work. The emphasis in this class is on incorporating the six Pilates principles: flow, focus, breath, centering, control, and precision into a series of beginner to intermediate level mat exercises. If you want to reduce stress, chronic tension and fatigue, improve flexibility, muscular support and coordination, and improve your overall fitness and sense of well-being, then this class is for you. Pilates mat work is an accessible, portable form of exercise that can be modified for all levels of fitness and ability. No previous experience necessary.

Exhale Slo-Mo Flow

All the beautiful benefits of a flowing vinyasa class but at a slightly slower pace. This class is excellent for improving bone density, muscle strength, flexibility and balance. Slow flow and modified poses (as needed) allow the student to move safely and gracefully. More challenging than Supportive Chair, participants must be able to come to the floor. A 60 minute class incorporates a guided meditation during savasana.

academy discover yoga

New to Yoga? Establish a safe and secure foundation in this 4 week program where you will understand proper alignment of the most common postures (asana), the importance of breathwork, (pranayama) and the role of meditation. Classes are small and intimate allowing time and space for personal attention, open discussion and practice. 

This workshop is included like a class in any Exhale Academy class pass but requires pre-registration. 

Exhale Baby & Me

This class is for you and your non-mobile baby. Enjoy moving in flow with your baby in your arms or alongside. This is a wonderful bonding opportunity as you connect with your child through breath and movement. 

cold days, warm hearts: Academy Littles Yoga

Toddlers and preschoolers LOVE yoga. This 4 week class series will add fun and peace to your precious little one’s day!
The “cold days, warm hearts” session is a class that infuses yoga with literature and social and emotional learning. Your child (ages 3 - 7) will learn mindful poses, breathing techniques and arts & crafts all relating to winter elements in nature. Providing these skills, with regular practice, promotes self and social awareness, decision making and self-regulation.

The main focus in the class will be to have FUN with quiet moments! Looking forward to meeting your little ones.

Exhale littles Yoga

This 4 week series is an adorable class that has yoga elements infused with ballet movements. Your little one (ages 3 - 7) will learn yoga breathing and postures, along with mindfulness practices, ballet poses, crafts, songs, story time and lots of giggles.

“Dance and yoga enables you to find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time”

We cannot wait to meet your ballerina yogis!

exhale Kids Yoga

This is delightful way for your children ages 8-12 to develop their balance, strengthen their core and learn how to energize and relax themselves using the breath. Your child will learn poses. alignment and simple flow sequences that they can utilize on their own. This is a beginner class and no previous experience is necessary.

academy Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga enables you to strenthen your body while improving your circulation, creating flexibility in your spinal column, reducing tension, invigorating your body and promoting in your digestion. It also can decrease aches and pains related to the changing body. The breath work improves both your circulation and that of the baby, while also calming your nerves. Not to mention that it enables you to develop further control of your breath which will help you in your delivery process. All levels of yoga experience are welcome in this class. 

Exhale Somatic Movement

Essentially everyone has SMA – sensory-motor amnesia. There are muscles and groups of muscles that are confused, amnesiac, and don’t know when to engage, release nor how to release. No amount of stretching or massage or active release will resolve the underlying root of the problem (that may be why we keep making appointments).

The good news is that these healing modalities are amazing and will go much further when we actually address our SMA –and we can absolutely do that! These issues are trapped in the nervous system. The how is by applying Somatic Education. When we get the brain’s involvement – everything can change. When we involve the cortex (front of our brain) then the habituated patterns of holding and mal-adaptive movement (which reside in the sub-cortex at the back of the brain) resolve – often in an instant, yes just in one class.

This is truly a transformational class for people who are done feeling old, disgruntled, limited, and that areas of their body have forsaken them. Be prepared for vibrant, actual bonafide shifts and epiphanies. This may be the very class you have been waiting for!

Academy Chakra Balancing Yoga

Come to a flow class that is oriented to opening and balancing your chakras. Chakras are energy centres in the subtle body located along your spine and around major neural bundles. While you move you will learn about the energy centres and how they impact your body. You will also learn how your body gives you information via the chakra centres. This is a fun and informative class that will leave you inspired and ready to take charge of your body & mind.

Exhale Yin/Yang Flow

Developed in India, Yang yoga is what the Western world thinks of as yoga – Hatha and Ashtanga yoga asanas and vinyasas that warm the body and stretch and strengthen the muscles. 

By combining the two styles of yoga, Yin/Yang yoga improves energy and fitness while promoting relaxation and healing. This class will incorporate an invigorating and warming flow (Yang) practice for the first half. To be followed by the restorative elements of Yin yoga, training the body's relaxation response. Props will be used to help release tension. It is a great compliment to your regular practice.

Academy Yin & Restore

If you’d like to gain and maintain flexibility and relaxation, this is the class for you. Get ready to rejuvenate your body in a class where most of the poses are completed while seated. Yin poses target the joints and connective tissue and allows for postures to be held for long periods of time. This allows for increased flexibility of connective tissue ensuring that the ligaments and fascia remain healthy. Get ready to move in a slow and safe manner and sit in poses for up to six minutes and then relax in a restorative pose or two at the end of the class to promote relaxation and healing. This class is suitable for all levels.

Exhale Transcendence Méditation

Transcendental Meditation was once more popular then Mindfulness is today. It is another form of meditation that some say is easier for the beginner. Typically you use mantras that are repeated first audibly and then slowly to being inaudible. As you go through the process your body and mind seem to release and let go.

Academy Chakra & Meridian Clearing Meditations

Various meditations are used to assist in the open flow of our meridians as well as opening the chakras.