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healing crystals

It is purported that crystals have varying vibrations that can either draw out negative energy or imbue the keeper with positive energy or protection. Ultimately, crystals are beautiful and instil a feeling of wonder. To think they were created from the earth and hold history is quite a remarkable thing. We carry a variety of crystals well know to raise your vibration.

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healing crystal bracelets

Crystal bracelets are a wonderful way of having your beautiful crystals nearby. We carry a variety of styles that have delicate embellishments and details.


room & aura cleansing products

Doing a ceremony of burning sacred herbs as an offering can allow for a feeling release and cleansing. This is a customary ritual of many shamanic and native Indian cultures. We carry various smudge bundles.

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puretrim products

Puretrim is an all organic, vegetarian vitamin and meal replacement product line. We love these products. Some of the vitamins come in powders or liquids that you can blend with drinks enabling a quick introduction to the gut. The meal replacements products are very gentle on the gut, not causing digestive upset at all.


essential oils & blends

Oh the love of oils. Infusing your home or workspace with different smells will automatically create a shift in emotions. So if you love essential oils for their scent alone then we have products for you. If you love essential oils for their healing properties too, we carry and make blends to ease muscle pain, induce relaxation, manage migraines and more.

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handmade yoga mat bags

These bags, made by Ola Creations, are awesome! They have a vintage feel with their embellishments and are made of the most unique sturdy fabrics. They are one of a kind, gorgeous, and hand made so you will not find anyone else carrying around your bag!

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dragontree muscle melt

If you suffer with joint pain or muscle aches, this is a product you want to have as a staple in your medicine cabinet. It has all the positive effects of the over the counter topical pain relief, only it is made from herbs and is all natural. So your skin, being your largest organ, will not absorb harmful chemicals.

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conscious ink

The power of words in a tattoo. Say no more! These temporary tattoos look very real and they last up to two weeks long. Ours have lasted even longer. They are motivational or inspiring words and can be purchased as singles or as packs.

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rituals for living

This a one of a kind journal/non-dated agenda with prompts to help you engage in your goals from a place of deep inquiry and goal orientation. They are thoughtfully crafted and motivational.

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rituals for transformation

A beautifully created 108 day journal for soulful personal discovery.



One hour sessions are available with the most advanced Neuro-feedback system currently available on the market.

This is brain training at its best. Receivers are hooked to your brain in several locations. These receivers send information to the system that interprets your brain waves. When the waves are not optimal the system provides you with audio or visual or both (you decide) feedback. Your brain interprets this and optimizes itself. This is a training process and much like training your muscles the brain requires several sessions to fully optimize. There are incredible benefits to this process and research shows decreases in symptoms from a range of physical and mental illnesses.


jack the jack pine; a mindful discovery

Jack the Jack Pine is an illustrated children's book for children ages 4 - 9 years old. This delightful book teaches parent and child how to practise mindfulness together while they read about a journey to a special Jack Pine. Following the story there are exercises explained for parents to facilitate with their children. This book is created by our Founder and Clinical Director Jennifer Brighton.


juice plus - organic fruit and vegetable supplements

Getting a well balanced intake can be challenging in our modern society. Of course working to slow down and prioritize healthy and well balanced meals is ideally what we want to focus on.

When this isn’t possible, Juice Plus+ is the next best thing. Juice Plus+ has been rigorously researched and there is no question it has significant benefits for the body. Add on the protein shakes are delicious and very easy on the stomach.

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chinese medicine healing tinctures

These tinctures are very easy to take making getting your Chinese Medicine easy to add into your regular regime of self care. Typically a Chinese Doctor will prescribe herbs that you need to boil or process. This can take time and the solutions often do not taste pleasant. Turning these remedies into tinctures is a brilliant idea. We have tinctures to improve digestion, reduce PMS symptoms, decreases inflammation, support your immunity, ward off allergies and so many more.

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calyx cbd oils for therapeutic use

After reviewing products on the market, Calyx came back as the company carrying a well researched and beneficial product. Calyx is made of predominantly CBD oil with only 0.3% THC. This means you will be getting all of the benefits of the marijuana plant while not taking on the psychoactive risks of using THC products. Calyx has several different doses that are intended for different uses. This includes a level to give you a slight boost in your focus, the next level is to help manage stress related symptoms, the following level is to help decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression and the top dose is for individuals experiencing debilitating physical (Parkinsons or MS) or mental illness (e.g. Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder).

Calyx is also now making their blends in pill form for easier intake and has just launched their CBD moisturizer that helps with muscle and joint issues.

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