Our founders have long been passionate about mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Over the years, they have explored alternative approaches to healing and wellness and were genuinely intrigued by the benefits. When our Clinical Director experienced personal benefits, she jumped into exploring combining services. She wondered how psychotherapy, yoga, and alternative healing could blend in one centre that provided natural holistic care. Exhale Academy Inc. was developed from this inspiration.

The Exhale Academy Team is highly skilled and experienced. Everyone believes in the model of holistic and preventative care. This team works closely together to discover the best path for you. 

Prevention of serious illness, knowing how to cope with life challenges, having knowledgeable supports, managing mental, physical and emotional pain/suffering and knowing how to plan for success are all essential to well-being and enjoyment of life.

We hope to be a hub for you, one place where you know you will be respected, cared for, understood, seen, heard, and deeply supported. We have an amazing team of professionals that have come together to share their wisdom and experience.

We can't wait to meet you.


Life is a journey filled with twists and turns. How we make meaning in our lives will determine our overall experience.

As the Budha so rightly teaches, "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional."

We aim to help you experience a life free of suffering.

To be free of suffering, we must in part, master our thinking. More often then not, to access the mind, we must do so through the body. We are here to help you process your emotions and enable you to experience your body as your ally. The mind and body are deeply interwoven, such that our body can act as our voice when we have no intellectual words. Better still, the body can be our best friend, always with us, guiding us, giving us clues from the subconscious mind.

Our body speaks to us with aches and pains when our conscious mind is distracted. Our body will help us to gauge symptoms; it will message us about feelings. Our body will prescribe solutions. Our body is brilliant. As we explore our body, we journey through the maze of our mind. As we travel through experiences, we can transcend and experience the soul in a profound and meaningful way.

Our logo holds the labyrinth of consciousness inside the beautiful blossoming lotus. We can only find a way to our deeper self by blossoming through our experiences. Much like the extraordinary lotus flower grows through murky waters, sometimes our most momentous growth occurs through our darkest times. We have held the labyrinth within the delicate lotus because we are here to provide you the holding space and guidance to find your way.

Mental health treatment has grown substantially over the last 30 years. North American Trauma Treatment experts have discovered recovery and healing must address the mind, body, and soul. In addition to this, we have learned so much about the brain and nervous system in recent years. This information supports the research of trauma experts. Their research contributions are significant and are changing the face of mental health care. That said, we are one of the first private centres in Ontario with an embedded philosophy of working as a team to support holistic trauma treatment with a mind, body, and spirit focus. We have Western, Eastern, and Alternatively trained practitioners all blending services in the spirit of healing and personal development. Western science has served to confirm what the Eastern world has intuitively known, for thousands of years. Our firm belief is that the blending of all these systems provides for well-rounded care that looks at prevention, management, and healing.

Exhale Academy is a place for you to grow! You can access one, some or all of our services and explore your inner dimensions. When you pass our threshold, you enter into a high vibration environment filled with people dedicated to personal healing. Our staff is exemplary, our products well researched, and our programming is only top quality. At Exhale Academy, you, your children, and your family can find your path to be free of suffering.