Exhale Academy is delighted to be offering Neurofeedback with the

Advanced Dynamical NeurOptimal® system.

NeurOptimal neurofeedback is a tool that helps organize your brain, restoring balance, 
and calming your central nervous system. It ultimately helps you function more effectively. 
The device reads feedback from your brain and when it senses less then optimal shifts it sends a subtle audio or visual feedback signal to you that enables your brain to autocorrect. Along with the technology, the practitioner helps you to define how you would notice subtle shifts in your life. Together, this enables the brain to be taught optimal functioning and the individual begins to sense positive changes and relief.

How can you tell if you will benefit from NeurOptimal neurofeedback?

Here are some signs of a disorganized brain:

  • memory problems

  • poor performance on tasks

  • difficulty sleeping

  • feeling low or sad

  • difficulty paying attention

  • overactivity

  • feeling anxious

  • addictions

  • headaches, migraines

  • catching colds and infections

  • irritability

  • feeling stressed and overwhelmed

If you experience one or more of these, chances are NeurOptimal can help you.

The benefits have been remarkable and wonderful. The three “top” issues that resolve themselves most often and the quickest are sleep issues, anxiety and depression.

We have also seen great results for people with concussions or head trauma, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, addictions, headaches or migraines, to mention a few.

The changes are subtle at first but overtime you begin to see that you are experiencing life in a new way.

The changes are subtle at first but overtime you begin to see that you are experiencing life in a new way.

What can you expect at your first NeurOptimal session?

You will sit in a comfortable chair, with two tiny sensors on your head, clips on your ears, and you will listen to music and watch a video on a monitor. There is nothing to do other than relax and let your brain/central nervous system organize and calm itself.

Most clients go to sleep!

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