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The moment your child finds peace in stillness is a moment to celebrate.

The moment your child finds peace in stillness is a moment to celebrate.

We offer various classes for your children to attend, right from in utero!

academy Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga enables you to strenthen your body while improving your circulation, creating flexibility in your spinal column, reducing tension, invigorating your body and promoting in your digestion. It also can decrease aches and pains related to the changing body. The breath work improves both your circulation and that of the baby, while also calming your nerves. Not to mention that it enables you to develop further control of your breath which will help you in your delivery process. All levels of yoga experience are welcome in this class.

Kids Meditate Too!

This is an opportunity for your child, ages 7 - 12 to continue with their practise of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Techniques. Children must have attended either the full or intensive Children’s Mindfulness Program prior to attending these classes. Classes are taught playfully with small silent moments. The depth of our senses is utilized in these ongoing classes to further develop your child’s mindfulness skills.

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Exhale Baby & Me

This class is for you and your non-mobile baby. Enjoy moving in flow with your baby in your arms or alongside. This is a wonderful bonding opportunity as you connect with your child through breath and movement. 

cold days, warm hearts: Academy Littles Yoga

Toddlers and preschoolers LOVE yoga. This 4 week class series will add fun and peace to your precious little one’s day!
The “cold days, warm hearts” session is a class that infuses yoga with literature and social and emotional learning. Your child (ages 3 - 7) will learn mindful poses, breathing techniques and arts & crafts all relating to winter elements in nature. Providing these skills, with regular practice, promotes self and social awareness, decision making and self-regulation.

The main focus in the class will be to have FUN with quiet moments! Looking forward to meeting your little ones.

Exhale littles Rhythmic Yoga

This 4 week series is an adorable class that has yoga elements infused with rhythmic movements. Your little one (ages 3 - 7) will learn yoga breathing and postures, along with mindfulness practices, dance-like poses, crafts, songs, story time and lots of giggles.

“Dance and yoga enables you to find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time”

We cannot wait to meet your rhythmic yogis!

exhale Kids Yoga

This is delightful way for your children ages 8-12 to develop their balance, strengthen their core and learn how to energize and relax themselves using the breath. Your child will learn poses. alignment and simple flow sequences that they can utilize on their own. This is a beginner class and no previous experience is necessary.

Children’s Mindfulness Programming 

Why Mindfulness and Meditation for Children?

Childhood and adolescence are challenging stages in mind/body/social development where there is significant transformation that can cause increased stress.  In your child’s early years they will developed conditioned responses to manage emotions. Some of these responses may be overtly logical, rigid, non-emotive or conversely they may be overly emotional and reactive.  Neither end of this spectrum results in healthy long term coping.  We experience mental health when there is integration and balance between these polarized modes of responding. Research shows that when practising the basic tenants of Mindfulness the brain becomes increasingly integrated.  With brain integration information flows between all parts allowing us to cope better with stress and life challenges.  

A Gift For Our Youth

Being Instead of Doing

Research also repeatedly demonstrates that the brain is plastic in nature.  In short, this means that our brain is continuously moulding based on our experiences, conditioning and focus.  Through the techniques of Mindfulness and Meditation, the individual learns how to watch the thoughts tied to their feelings, or learns the feelings tied to their thoughts.  As they begin to see their perceptions and interpretations more clearly they are able to calm themselves faster and use logic more effectively for healthier problem solving, decision-making and responses.  

Mindfulness develops the individual’s sense of ‘space’ from potentially self-destructive stories or narratives they tell themselves about their self-worth, sense of belonging and self-confidence.  With ‘space’ and clarity, the individual develops the ability to challenge their old stories, decrease rigidity, calm reactions and correct misperceptions.  A balanced perspective results and produces a tremendous calm within oneself, so much so, that one is able to leave fear and/or shame-based thinking behind and live for what is precious in the moment.

Teaching our children Mindfulness and Meditation is a tremendous gift. A potential path of freedom from unconscious thinking that can result in stress and challenges.

Children’s Mindfulness Intensive

This is a two day program for children ages 7 - 12 years old. The first 2 hour session, parents and their children attend together, typically on a Friday evening from 6pm - 8pm. The second day is typically held the next day, Saturday, with children only. This session runs from 10:30am - 2:30pm.

After this training children can continue to practise by attending our weekly Mindfulness class.

Full Children’s Mindfulness training

This is a 6 week program for children ages 7 - 12 years old, typically run on Saturday mornings. Each session is 60 minutes.

This program also includes one 90 minute session for parents to learn the basics of Mindfulness. Parents are taken through the content their children will be learning and advised how to encourage their children in developing these skills.

After this training children can continue to practise by attending our weekly Mindfulness class.

What do children learn in Either of these programs?

This is an opportunity for your child to learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Techniques to improve coping, build resources and help them regulate their emotions effectively. The curriculum for these programs has been developed through several well researched sources, including….

How are Classes Taught?

Classes are taught playfully weaving between teaching and experiencing, using relevant stories as analogies as well as tools to engage your child. As your child participates their ability to sustain longer periods of quiet mindful sitting will develop. These classes are open to all children, including those with illnesses such as anxiety and ADHD.

school programming

JK - Grade 8 - Mindfulness Program

Exhale Academy's program is unique in many ways . To begin with, Exhale's program draws from some of the best existing research and programs that are developmentally appropriate, have been thoroughly researched and incorporate both mindfulness with social emotional learning. We deliver a fun, yet calming invivo experience that enables the child to develop a new awareness. From our experience this is a comprehensive learning experience that leaves a lasting impression on our youth.

Each school program is designed per the needs and wants of that school; the curriculum content stays the same, but the delivery changes. In some instances, additional content is requested for the students, while in others cases the Teacher Program is added.

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Our process begins with a meeting with your school Principle and associated committee where details are planned. Following this, a letter, created by Exhale Academy, is sent home to parents to introduce the program and benefits. We then invite parents to a Mindfulness Evening event where they learn about the program and how to support their child. The next phase is working with the students and teachers, one or two times per week. The final phase can include a culmination event for the entire school, in this case, a buddy system is factored into the program so older grades are trained as peer leaders.