The Holiday Season is About Joy!

We are just over a month from Christmas break and holidays.  When did Christmas become mired with pressure instead of just pure joy?  I'm not sure.  

What I am sure of is that I am making a promise to myself this year that it will only be about joy.  Whatever it takes, because how we do anything is how we do everything.  So, I'm making a commitment to slowing down, breathing in rejuvination and exhaling all the stress.  Everytime I feel the stress starting, I am going to recite in my mind "just this moment."  

I know when I breathe in the air and exhale with a long breath out, my body relaxes and  I am able to connect with what really matters.   I am able to find that place within that is centred, like the eye of the storm.  I can watch what is going on around me and make a choice to participate in a way that is peaceful and harmonious.

Just a year ago we were starting to move into our new offices in Erin, Ontario.  There was much to be done.  The excitment was building as we planned our launch and hired staff.   Our offices and studio started to feel like a second home, in a good way.  We were all happy there and felt surrounded with positive energy.

This past year has continued to feel like this, only Exhale Academy is now not just our home it has become the second home to hundreds of people who believe in mind, body and breath healing.   We are overjoyed that our community has received us with open arms and that we are on this journey together.

In this spirit, how about we all make a commitment to this holiday season being pure joy?  Yes, even if you have difficult things to deal with.  I know it can be hard to tap into joy when our negative emotions feel justified.   We need to build in a pause, a breath, a moment of stillness and connection, for us to remember we are so much more then our emotions.  We always retain a choice around how we respond, no matter the circumstance.  

If this is a tough time, use the mantra, 'just this moment." to guide you within.   Know that even when we feel most alone, our breath reminds us that we are interconnected with everything.

Sending you peace, love & light.